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Cushion riding - explanation, instruction, tips & experience report

Cate Cager

Many girls find the act of pillow humping to be enjoyable.

When it comes to pleasuring oneself, some ladies bring a great deal of creativity into the equation. That's why today we're discussing the art of "pillow riding"!

For those who like to stick with the classics, there is manual stimulation. Some prefer to take the more modern route and purchase a vibrator - some might even have a whole cabinet full of them. Others find that the water pressure from a shower head brings them pleasure, while some have found that an electric toothbrush does the trick.

If you’re alone and there's no one around, don't worry! No need to splurge on costly sex toys or watch vids on website with black porn. You already have the perfect tool for a pleasurable experience: a pillow! It’s an incredibly effective and super cheap way to have a great time.

If you're unfamiliar with pillow humping, but are eager to learn about this exciting way of reaching heightened pleasure during masturbation, then this post was written just for you! Take your self-pleasure to the next level with the information you'll find here.

I'm here to break it down for you—I'm gonna show you what pillow riding is all about, why it can be so beneficial, which pillows are the best for it, and the optimal positions to get the most out of it. Additionally, we will explore the availability of ebony thick videos that cater to these specific interests.

Plus, I'll even go into detail about my personal experience with pillow riding and why it still gets my heart racing even after almost half a century.

What is pillow humping all about and how does one go about it?

The other night, while sipping our delightful red wines and catching up with the gals, we stumbled upon an interesting concept: cushion riding. We all shared fascinating perspectives and pondered many questions.

Four out of the six of us had our first intimate experience or found our way to our first climax by engaging in pillow riding. All four of us who had those initial experiences with it are still enjoying it in one way or another, either the same way or with a few adjustments.

Hitting the hay on a pillow is a popular pleasure-seeking tactic for the ladies. Those who indulge in it on the regular swear by it, and some even say it's the most blissful solo climax they've ever experienced.

Instead of using a partner to pleasure yourself, pillow humping is a great way to get intense orgasms. All you need to do is place a pillow between your legs and start rubbing your lower body against it. This creates friction on your most sensitive areas such as your mons veneris, labia and clitoris, resulting in increased blood flow. With a bit of practice, you can be riding the pillow waves of pleasure, experiencing multiple, strong orgasms.

Y'know, for young girls, pillow riding is usually the initial sexual experience they have with their own body. That's what happened to me, and let me tell you all about it real quick.

What are the perks of riding on a pillow?

Masturbating with a pillow is a great way to go if you're alone. It's totally worth trying out the next chance you get - there's a bunch of reasons why it's awesome. We chatted about it for a while and found that it has some major benefits, like:

Strong blood circulation to all your intimate areas

When you're just using your fingers, the sensation is focused in one spot. Sure, it feels great, but using a pillow gives you the benefit of increased blood flow over a larger area. That way, all the important parts like your mons veneris, inner and outer labia, and clitoris get stimulated. This makes for some really powerful orgasms.

Multiple orgasms through pillow humping

The friction isn't just focused on your clitoris, so it won't get overstimulated as quickly as it would with a vibrator or your fingers. This means you can keep going after your first orgasm without any issues and ride the pillow to the next one, and the one after that, and so on. So you can get exactly the kind of pleasure you crave!

Pillow riding instead of sex toys

Masturbating can get old after a while. Plus, the really good toys are usually pricey! So a good and free option is humping a pillow. Most people have one lying around in their house.

Riding a pillow is more discreet

Watching porno with MILFs and masturbating may be noisy if you're living with roommates or your parents and the walls are thin, and a lot of vibrators will be too loud. Everyone will know what kind of fun you're having with the buzzing and humming. A pillow's totally quiet, but you gotta stay quiet when it's time to get down to business ;-)

Cushions are inconspicuous

Ever had an unexpected guest drop by and you find a sex toy lying around? Avoid an embarrassing moment by having a cushion handy!

Pillow riding is like real sex with a partner.

Even the most expensive toy won't come close to the feeling of having somebody between your legs. A comfortable, large pillow is the way to go. You can actually feel it between your ebony XXX thighs and if you use your imagination, the person of your dreams will soon appear.

Pillows are everywhere

Don't feel like lugging around toys on your vacay or business trip? Don't worry, you can still have fun! Just take advantage of hotel pillows, they're all over the place!

Instructions for pillow riding for intense orgasms

If you're wondering if you're a natural at riding the pillow, here are some top tips for you.

When the mood suits

If you're in a rush or just looking for a quick fix, you probably won't get much out of pillow riding. It's best when you're really in the mood and have plenty of time and quiet. Otherwise, you may have trouble getting off. Wait until the timing and atmosphere are perfect before grabbing your pillow.

Hot lingerie can help

If you're feeling sexy in suspenders, nylons and lace and that helps you get in the mood, go for it! Wearing rough fabrics like lace can even help get you in the mood. But you can always just go wild and go commando like Eve.

Finding the right pillow

Finding the right pillow is pretty much key - it's a must-have! What size, how firm, and the surface texture all come down to what you like. Check out different kinds and find your go-to. For me, I'm loving my bolster - it's got a nice, firm feel but it's still warm and cozy. The round shape is great for me when I'm riding. If you're into something a bit more coarse between your legs, go for it!

Try it out slowly

If you're new to cushion riding, it might feel a bit strange at first. Don't worry if you feel a bit silly - just take your time to get your position and rhythm right. You can also watch sexy porn and see other girls humping pillows. It'll be worth it in the end! Once you feel like you've got it, just keep going. You'll soon feel the warmth in your lap. Then you can really get going and press your clitoris against the pillow more firmly.

Need more? Then fold your pillow!

If your pillow isn't quite the right firmness for you, you can fold it to make it a bit stiffer. You can do this by folding it into an upside down V shape, which will give you a bit more pressure in the areas you want it.

Open up

After a while you might think you can't get there. You can always get a friend to help out or use your fingers to increase the pleasure. I like to spread my lips or expose my clit for more of a cushiony feeling.

Best positions for Pillow Humping

When you do the deed with someone IRL, eventually you'll find what positions make you feel really good when you're humping a pillow. Everyone's different, so you'll have to experiment to figure out what gets you going.

My top choices for humping pillows are these positions:

#1: On all fours

I totally dig getting my bolster on its fours. Kneeling down and propping myself up on my forearms makes it easy to slide my stomach along the pillow with minimal effort, and it puts a lot of pressure on my best bits. It's definitely the simplest and cosiest way to ride a pillow - even if you're a total newbie!

#2: On your knees like a cowgirl

Try out the cowgirl position on your cushion! Just kneel up, put the cushion between your legs and hold onto the front of it like you would reins on a horse. Then grind your hips or move up and down until you start to feel your pleasure build up.

#3: Inner spooning

Lying on your side and shifting the pillow between your legs is really nice. You can add some subtle hip movements for extra comfort.

My conclusion on pillow humping

I hope this info on "masturbation through pillow riding" gave you a better understanding of the topic. If you haven't used a pillow for pleasure yet, maybe my words gave you the idea to give it a go?

It's been over 30 years since I first experienced an orgasm through pillow humping and I still enjoy it now and then. It's not as often as when I was a kid, but I still get the urge. Pillow humping is a unique and intense way of masturbating for me - it's a totally different kind of feeling than just touching myself or using a vibrator.

Why not try something different and let your partner watch you when you're getting frisky with a pillow? Tie them up to the bed for extra excitement and use your hands or lips to drive them wild while you ride the pillow.

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