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Warning Signs He's Losing Interest In You

Cate Cager

Have you ever wondered whether your partner is into checking out beautiful nude galleries - Is that a sign that he is losing interest in you?

Well, this is not the only sign of course. There are chances that your man could be losing interest in you and you don’t even know about it.

So, before you get a big shock that your man is dating someone else, you need to look for signs to figure that out for yourself.

Look, there are many tell-tale signs that will tell you this. You just have to be vigilant. So, here are such signs that you have to look for to figure out whether your man is losing interest in you. 

Lack of Communication

He initiates conversations less frequently. Also, he takes longer to respond to your messages. Meaningful conversations with him are becoming a rarity.

This is not usual and you have to take it into consideration. Lack of communication in a relationship is very damaging and you need to address that.

Maybe he is looking for stress relief and you need to find that out and once you do, talk to your man and find a solution for his problem.

Short and Passive Responses

When he does respond, his messages lack depth and enthusiasm. Remember those initial days when he used to send you long messages expressing his feelings?

Maybe he is speaking a different love language. You have to find that out. When you see a person giving you short responses, it shows he is not interested in you, or he is busy watching nude women pictures.

Also, being passive in a conversation and giving attention to other things like watching porn more is a huge warning sign. You have to find a way to make him communicate.

Avoidance of Emotional Topics:

When you are in a relationship, you want to talk about various emotional things. Being in a meaningful relationship is not all about sexual attraction.

However, when he is not into you anymore, he would avoid such emotional conversations because he doesn’t see a future with you and he doesn’t feel the same emotionally.

So, when you are feeling like talking to your man about something very emotional and he is avoiding those topics like marriage or having kids, you can guess what may be wrong with him.

Cancelling Plans Frequently

You have planned a holiday with your man for months. And, when the time comes to go on that much-awaited holiday, he ends up cancelling it.

Well, this may not be the first time. He might have done it time and time again. And, you are ignoring this which is a terrible thing to do.

He might be doing this because he is no longer interested in you. So, if this happens to you again and again, you should be ready to get a shock soon.

Distracted or Preoccupied

You have something urgent to tell your man but he is always busy. He is either distracted or preoccupied. Such things didn’t used to happen earlier.

Look, he might be going through some problems and as his partner; you have the right to know. Just ask him what’s bothering him.

But, if he still doesn’t want you to know about his problem, then he may not have one. Instead, he might be interested in a different sexy xxx pussy now.

Lack of Physical Intimacy

On many nights, you just want to get ravaged by your man. But, he doesn’t want to be physically intimate with you. Every man wants to have sex, there is no doubt.

But, when you are initiating the move by even flaunting your boobs and he is still not interested, there has to be something wrong with him.

Try sending him some sexy nude pictures of yours and see how he reacts. If he doesn’t care about your nudes, then he is truly losing interest in you.

Neglecting Special Occasions

You expect your man to be there with you during special occasions. You cannot imagine spending Thanksgiving or Christmas with your partner.

But, he doesn’t care about these special occasions. Well, he even forgets your birthday or anniversary. This is a huge warning sign.

Thoughts of him enjoying with black & ebony pornstars in bed could creep into your mind and if it does, then you are probably a smart woman.

More Time Spent Apart

Do you remember the time when you started dating your man? It was hard for you both to stay apart from each other.

You two always looked for ways to spend time together. But now, he wants to spend time alone more. He wants to be with his friends all the time.

This is a huge sign that he might not be interested in your anymore. Even if you send free nudes of yours when he is with his friends, he might ignore them.

Defensiveness in Crucial Conversations

Probably you know how your man talks more than anyone else. But, when you now want to talk to him, he sounds completely the opposite of how you knew him.

You have concerns about your relationship and you are telling him that. But, he is mostly avoiding that conversation and also he is getting defensive while speaking.

It shows that he also knows that there is a problem and he doesn’t want to address the elephant in the room. He probably knows that he lost interest in you as well.

No Effort to Resolve Conflicts

In a relationship, partners will argue and fight. It is normal. But, what is not normal is the lack of effort in resolving those conflicts.

Look, after a fight, you might be doing everything you can to resolve the conflict. But, he is not at all interested in that. In fact, he wants the fight to go on.

This could be a huge warning sign that he wants a way out of this relationship and that is why he wants to keep fighting with you because that could be an excuse he could use later on.

The Bottom Line

Finally, these are some warning signs of guys losing interest in women. If you see these signs in your man, you need to take action quickly before it gets too late.

He is your man and you have the onus of keeping him interested in you. The more intimacy you share with your man, the more he will be into you.

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